DIY installation of footrest bar to reduce left foot fatigue


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I bought the Footless Bar NEO at the Gunma Parts Show last year on the recommendation of a friend.

This is a simple part that simply attaches from above to the footrest on the leftmost foot of the driver’s seat.
However, it corrects the position of the footrest, which is further back than the other pedals.

This improves the driving position and reduces fatigue by reducing the distance the left foot has to move to operate the clutch.

I bought one but neglected it for over a year, but today it occurred to me to fit it.

Footrest bar NEO

This is the parts.

The list price is 9900 yen, but I bought it for 8900 yen.(Available on amazon for 7300 Yen)

Contents include bracket (plate), foot bar, 1 hexagonal bolt, + 2 tapping screws.

installation work

First, remove the footrest from the vehicle.

It is easily disengaged by simply pulling it off by hand.

Next, fix the foot bar to the bracket with hex bolts.

Then fix the bracket to the footrest.

Drill pre-drilled holes.

Then attached with tapping screws.

As they are attached to the plastic with tapping screws, the screws will quickly become unscrewable if they are over-tightened.
So it is best to tighten them by hand with a screwdriver. (But I was lazy and used an impact driver.)

This can then be fitted to the vehicle to complete the task.


The work took about 20 minutes.

After a quick trial drive, the impression was that the movement of the left foot during clutch operation became smoother, although the change in posture was not so noticeable.

Of course the distance the left leg moves is reduced, but the angle of the ankle seems to be closer to the angle at which the clutch is operated, and the amount of shin muscle use is reduced.

My poor legs have had a history of shin muscle cramps when driving long distances, but I feel that this is less likely to happen.

In the end, I wanted to change the accelerator, clutch and brake pedals to metal ones as well.

NEOPLOT(ネオプロト) フットレストバーNEO ベースプレート
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